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Classic Monster Movies for Kids

I love movies, and I love sharing great movies with my kids. My kids are all ten years old or younger, and that presents a challenge. They aren’t old enough to appreciate Casablanca or Citizen Kane, and I don’t want them to become budding gangsters by watching The Godfather. So what is a movie-loving parent to do? I have the solution! Classic monster movies for kids!

Many of these classic movies, even those made nearly one-hundred years ago, still have the power to captivate, excite, and provoke deep thoughts. These classic films tell great stories, and are usually straightforward enough not to confuse kids. They have great special effects that are just fake enough not to scare the kids. Bad language is at a minimum. Good always triumphs over evil at the end (although what is evil and what is good can be debatable, even in the movie). They won’t traumatize the kids like more modern horror movies would.

Read on for my list of 1930s-era classic monster movies for kids. As a special treat, you can read what my kids thought about each movie. I was impressed that they remember each movie and had detailed thoughts on each of them.

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Hollywood Nights 2019 Recap – The Twitter Feed

The 20th annual Hollywood Nights 24-hour movie marathon was another great success! Thanks to the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan for organizing this fantastic event!

I was tweeting up a storm during this year’s movie marathon. If you missed it, I’ve embedded all my tweets from that day (and evening, and morning) below. This was first live tweeting of a public event like this. I hope you enjoy it.

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Most Valuable Movies on Letterboxd

As I mentioned in my previous post, Letterboxd Pro is a great way to keep track of progress against famous movie lists like the AFI 100. I want to make the maximum progress on these lists in the minimum amount of time. To help me on this quest, I just created a list of the most valuable movies on Letterboxd .

Each of the movies on my list shows up in at least five of the nine “best movie” lists shown on Letterboxd Pro Stats page. The first few movies (“Star Wars”, for example) show up on eight of the nine lists. I’ve sorted this list so that the movies on the most lists appear first. If you start at the top and work down, you are guaranteed to boost you movie-watching stats in no time!

Here are the first fifteen movies on the list. These are the 15 most valuable movies on Letterboxd. Each shows up on at least six of the nine Letterboxd Pro movie lists.

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Tracking Movies With Letterboxd Pro

I’ve figured out that the real power of Letterboxd.com is tracking movies with Letterboxd Pro. Let me explain.

When I first visited Letterboxd, I was a little confused on what the site was good for. I can look up movies, review them, other people can like my reviews, I can like other people’s reviews. That’s all interesting, but doesn’t IMDb offer the same thing?

I paid $20 for a Letterboxd Pro account and that changed the game for me. The main thing you get for your pro membership is a personal statistics screen. I’ve been waiting all my movie marathoning life for a slick stats screen like this.

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Creating Movie Marathon Lists in Letterboxd

Letterboxd is a fun new site for creating movie lists and sharing them with others. It provides a fast way to create a movie marathon list and write up all your notes and super-deep thoughts on the movie in a review/diary format.

Let me show you what I mean. I just created a bunch of lists this week. You can find all my lists on Letterboxd here.

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