Welcome to 24-Hour Movie Marathon!

I love 24-hour movie marathons! After you take a look at my website, I hope that you will too! Here you will learn everything you need to know about how to host, survive, and plan your own 24-hour movie marathons.

As a first stop, might I suggest you check out my list of  Movie Marathon Ideas? How about How to Stay Awake at a Movie Marathon second? You’ll probably want to know how to pack your movie marathon survival kit third.

Confused? Do you have no idea what I’m talking about? Take a step back and review the definition of a movie marathon. Or just scroll down for up-to-the-minute movie marathon news,

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Website back online!

So 24hourmoviemarathon.com was hacked a couple months ago. It wasn’t a surprise, given all of the valuable data this site contains. Where else on the internet can you get lists of movies and dumb opinions?

And if you think the public content of the site is spectacular (of course you do!), just think of the private draft content that the hackers got access to! I’m sure they are plagiarizing my article fragments right now for their Ph.D dissertations. Because, as everyone knows, hackers are typically film and video doctoral candidates. They give doctorates in film and video, right? Paging Dr. J. J. Abrams!

Anyway, rest assured the site is now back on-line and ready to serve you again for all of your 24-hour movie marathon needs. Thanks for waiting!

Welcome to the 24-Hour Movie Marathon Weblog!

Hi! I’m John and I love 24-hour movie marathons! I have hosted or co-organized nine so far, and I also self-published How to Host a 24-Hour Movie Marathon, a summary of everything I know so far about hosting a 24-hour movie marathon.

While writing my booklet, I thought that starting a weblog on the subject could be fun. For one, I am always striving for the “perfect” marathon with great movies, great food, and great friends. I thought a weblog would be a good place to record new things that I learn.

I also thought a weblog would be a good place to attract others who are interested in the subject. I would love to swap stories, tips, and movie ideas with other like-minded people out there.

So thanks for visiting! Here’s hoping we can learn from each other and have some fun while we are at it!