Movie Marathon Pee Break App

I love caffeinated beverages at my movie theater outings, and I rely on them when I’m doing a 24-hour movie marathon. But what goes in, must come out. What should I do if i need a movie marathon pee break? You can’t pause the movie theater! Thank goodness we now have an app for that. Say hello to RunPee!

Everyone who has a bladder and watches movies needs to download RunPee for their mobile device. RunPee tells you exactly when to take a pee break for a given movie. No need to guess if the next scene is going to be boring or not!

The RunPee app provides:

  1. A brief movie pee summary, which describes the general pacing of the movie
  2. Specific pee times, including the number of minutes you’ll have to dash to the bathroom, a line of dialog to cue you to leave, the number of minutes into the movie the break appears
  3. Vibrating peetime alerts
  4. A visual timer to next peetime
  5. Synopsis of what you missed during your pee break
  6. And More!

You have to synchronize the app’s timer with the beginning of the movie (i.e. the fadeout of the first production company). But after that, you can rest assured that you’ll know the optimal time to dash out of that theater.

The founder of the company keeps their movie database up-to-date with his family and a few other contributors. This is a fun scrappy app company. I salute them for their brilliant product. I will be enthusiastically using it at this year’s Hollywood Nights Movie-Thon!

Run Pee Pee Times

Caffeine for Movie Marathons

You need caffeine for movie marathons, and lots of it. Sure, you know what beverages are the tastiest, but which delivers the most stimulants for your dollar? And how much can you drink before it kills you? The website Caffeine Informer has the answers to these important questions, and more.

When planning your next movie marathon, you need to consult my movie marathon food checklist first. The checklist has recommendations for what type of caffeinated beverages you should offer, and more. But if you want to know how much caffeine is in those drinks, you can look them up at the Caffeine Informer’s caffeine database. You can browse the list or look up drinks by name. I like to use the sorting feature to rank all known sodas by their relative caffeine content.

My latest favorite soda is Pepsi Max. It supplies a little extra jolt compared to your run-of-the-mill Diet Coke. The caffeine database confirms that Pepsi Max has twice the caffeine (69 mg) as Coca-Cola Classic (34 mg), but about half the caffeine as Mountain Dew: Game Fuel (121 mg). Very informative!

Knowing the relative amount of caffeine in a drink is helpful, but what is safe? The caffeine calculator can tell you! The calculator tells me that my safe limit of Pepsi Max in one day is about 3 liters, and that drinking 70 liters would kill me. Now there’s some handy advice! Speaking of death, Caffeine Informer also has an article about the deadliest caffeinated products available. Impressively, a packet of pure caffeine powder can kill 13 healthy adults. Pro tip: you might want to avoid this product at your next movie marathon.

To further educate yourself, the site has helpful science articles, such as how the human body processes caffeine and how your caffeine sensitivity may vary from others.

Stay awake and stay safe! Happy drinking!

Movie Marathon Scorecard

Keeping score is the best. Everyone needs to know that they are the best at something, no matter how meaningless or stupid that activity is. Take golf, for example. Grown men obsess over statistics reflecting their ability to whack a ball with a stick into a little hole. They spend hundreds of dollars just to gain a slight bump in their ball-whacking metrics. Golf and movie marathons involve about the same amount of athletic prowess. Isn’t it time we similarly obsess over who is best at movie marathons?  I say “Yes!”. And if you say “No!”, you are visiting the wrong website.

That is why I am proud to announce that I have created the world’s first movie marathon scorecard! No longer do you have to wonder: “Do I really measure up in my movie marathon skills?” or “Is this movie marathon really helping me meet my life goal of a movie-watching perfection?” or “How can I brag to my friends about how many movies I’ve watched without sounding like a total dork?”. This scorecard provides you the answer.

If you are wondering if this scorecard is legit, don’t worry – it’s science. The scorecard works by gathering up a master list of movies from four sources: Academy Award Best Picture Winners, the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Movies, the British Film Institute’s top 50 movies, and the Internet Movie Database’s top 100 movies. All you have to do is mark which movies you have seen, and the scorecard calculates your personal movie marathon score. Scoring comes in four categories:

  • Ultimate Movie Marathon Score – How many movies you’ve seen on the list, with movies appearing in more than one source list weighted more heavily.
  • American Film Buff Score – How many movies you’ve seen on the list that appear on the Academy Awards best picture list, the American Film Institute list, or both.
  • International Film Snob Score – How many movies you’ve seen on the British Film Institute list, which favors class European movies.
  • Pop Culture Hipster Score – How many movies you’ve seen in the top 100 list from the Internet Movie Database, which favors recently made or otherwise popular movies.

Conveniently, this scorecard serves as both a measurement of self-worth and a handy guide for movies that you might want to include in your next movie marathon. This master list of movies pushes you to movies the world agrees you need to go see. For example, The Godfather appears in all four source lists, and therefore contributes to your ultimate movie marathon score by 4 points. The Matrix, despite the fact that it has at least double the amount of Kung Fu than The Godfather, only counts for 1 point. Those who are serious about their movie marathon game know what they should watch next.

My Movie Marathon Scorecard Results

To get started, you need a benchmark to compare yourself against. I ran filled out the scorecard for myself, and the results are below. I’m laying down the gauntlet, world. Beat these stats!

That probably won’t be too hard! Especially for film majors! But no matter – as far as I know right this second, I am the king of all movie marathons!

Ultimate Movie Marathon Score145/33843%
American Film Buff Score75/18640%
International Film Snob Score13/5225%
Pop Culture Hipster Score57/10057%

The Movie Marathon Scorecard File Download

The movie marathon scorecard is presently available in Microsoft Excel format. I would like to make the scorecard available in other formats as well – such as a dynamic webpage page on this site. That will take a little more effort than just slapping web links and other data into Excel, so you’ll have to wait for that version. But, without further ado – the Excel files!

Photo by shorts and longs

Automated Movie Marathon Scheduler Back Online

I was delighted to discover today that movie madness, an automated movie marathon scheduler, is back online (after having been broken for some amount of time). Movie madness automatically generates thousands of possible movie marathon schedules for you, based on current movie theater listings, movies you want to see (and movies you don’t want to see), and other parameters (like whether you are willing to miss part of the beginning or end of the movie).

So, for example, if I wanted to catch the maximum number of movies possible at the Emagine theater tomorrow, but I didn’t want to see nonsense like Dolphin Tale 2, then Movie Madness has about 7000 suggested schedules for me, with this schedule being the top suggested:

Seven movies in 15 hours, with a maximum break time of about 20 minutes. Not too shabby! Bonus: the tool even seems to have been enhanced since I last looked at it to include the Rotten Tomatoes score of each movie shown.

Disclaimer: I still don’t endorse the site’s attitude (“Movie theater tickets are expensive! That’s not fair! Solve the problem by consuming the product but not paying for it!”), but I endorse the utility of the tool.

Using Outlook as a Movie Marathon Scheduler

I’m looking for the perfect movie marathon scheduler tool. I currently use an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet does a fine job, but I still yearn for a drag-and-drop style interface, which can magically import movie information from IMDB, use that data to create an accurate schedule, and then share that schedule quickly and easily via the web.

If I didn’t have a demanding job, 2.5 kids, and a house to maintain, I would build this magical system myself! However, all I have available to me is a few minutes here and there to see if the tools at my disposal can be used for more efficient movie marathon planning.

I own Microsoft Outlook 2010, and it occurred to me that perhaps sliding around appointments in a calendar isn’t just for business purposes. So, I started exploring what it would take to make it a movie marathon scheduler.

Pros and Cons to Using Outlook as a Movie Marathon Scheduler

Here’s a quick summary of what I found.


  1. It’s easy to zoom in and out to make big or small adjustments in the schedule times.
  2. It’s easy to rearrange your schedule using drag-and-drop.
  3. It’s easy to visualize the schedule.
  4. It’s easy to export the schedule to e-mail or Microsoft Word.


  1. There is no easy way to create an appointment by entering movie runtime in minutes.
  2. There is no out-of-the-box method to share your schedule via a website, social media, etc.
  3. Other than e-mail and Microsoft Word, there aren’t many nice data export options.

Still interested? Want more details? Here are the steps I took to set it up.

Setting Up a Movie Marathon Calendar In Outlook

  1. Go to the calendar view in Outlook, right-click and select “New Calendar”
  2. In the Ribbon near the top of your screen, ensure the “Day” view is selected (as opposed to “Week” or “Month” view).
  3. In the little calendar in the upper-left of your screen, select the both the start and end days of your movie marathon. This lets you see the entire movie marathon schedule at a glance.
  4. While working on the schedule, you can zoom in and out of your schedule by right-clicking the timeline shown on the left of your screen, and selecting how big or small you want your time scale.

The screenshot below highlights what you should see, and how to see it.

Setting Up a Movie Marathon Calendar in Outlook

If you prefer to always work in a particular time scale, you can set whatever you like as the default.  Right-click anywhere in your calendar, select “View Settings”, press the “Other Settings” button, and select the default time scale you would like (5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, whatever).

Creating a Movie Marathon Schedule in Your Outlook Calendar

  1. Create a new appointment for the movie you would like to schedule.
  2. For the subject, type in the name of the movie
  3. For start time, select any arbitrary start time
  4. For end time, manually type a time of day, based on the starting time plus the minutes of movie runtime.
  5. In the description, type in whatever you like to describe the movie. I like to copy and paste movie summaries from IMDB.
  6. Save your appointment, then drag it around in the schedule to find a timeslot that works. Zoom in to a 15-minute time scale to easily schedule movies to start on any quarter hour.

How to Publish a Movie Marathon Schedule Using Outlook

  1. For a quick printout of start and end times, select View => Change View => List, then print the result.
  2. To export to e-mail, select Home => E-mail Calendar (this export is great! It is a beautifully formatted, clickable, and provides multiple levels of detail – see image below!)
  3. To export to Microsoft Word – Outlook does not offer this as a feature. However, if you select “E-mail Calendar” and copy and paste the content into Word, this works just fine.
  4. To export to Microsoft Excel – select File => Options => Advanced => Import / Export. Then select “CSV” or “Excel 2003”. This offers no frills, but gets the date, start time and end time of your movies into Excel.

Movie Marathon Schedule E-mail


After taking a thorough look at Outlook, I might use it to assist with the scheduling of my next movie marathon. Rearranging the schedule by simply sliding the movies around sure is handy, and syncing an Outlook calendar to a Google calendar for sharing is doable. But that is the subject of another article.