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Creating Movie Marathon Lists in Letterboxd

Letterboxd is a fun new site for creating movie lists and sharing them with others. It provides a fast way to create a movie marathon list and write up all your notes and super-deep thoughts on the movie in a review/diary format.

Let me show you what I mean. I just created a bunch of lists this week. You can find all my lists on Letterboxd here.

24-hour movie marathon movie lists
My movie marathon lists on Letterboxd!

I created a list of candidate movies for my next movie marathon and a list for every movie marathon I’ve hosted since 1999. I’ve co-hosted 13 in 20 years. Can you believe it? What a nerd!

In the candidate movie list, I can add a note to each movie. The note is not a review and not a diary entry, its just a note about the movie in the list. I’m going to use the note to remind me why I wanted to watch the movie in my next movie marathon. Like so:

24-hour movie marathon candidate movie list
My list of candidate movies for my next 24-hour movie marathon!

Creating a list for upcoming and past movie marathons is handy too. You can use it to get a quick overview of the movie marathon, like so:

Movie Marathon 2019, in Letterboxd list form!
My 24-hour movie marathon from 2019!

From there, you can use the list as a launchpad to rate the movies, review them, and log them in your movie watching diary. As you can see below, my diary says I watched a lot of movies in in April.

My April movie diary.
My April movie diary.

Sure, it can’t automatically create a movie marathon schedule from a list of movies like some awesome apps I know of, but I can share all of my lists so that others can enjoy my fantastic taste in movies.

So give me a like and a follow on Letterboxd, won’t you?

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