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CWRU Film Society Science Fiction Movie Marathon

A big “thank you!” to reader Jimmie for alerting me to the Case Western University Film Society’s annual 36-hour science fiction movie marathon.

The CWRU Film Society has been hosting this sci-fi movie marathon since 1976. They just held their 44th movie marathon this previous January. As a movie marathon connoisseur, I must say they had an excellent schedule. Any movie marathon that shows Wallace and Gromit, a Miyazaki film, and a collection of movies spanning from 1910 to 2018 is putting some serious thought into their sci-fi entertainment. I salute you!

Speaking of quality selections – across their 44 movie marathons, they’ve shown a grand total of 449 movies! If you need a list of sci-fi movies for your next movie marathon, look no further than their master list.

There must be something truly special about science fiction (or its fans!). I’ve been on the lookout for movie marathon events for years now. This is the third sci-fi movie marathon event running for 30 years or more in the United States that I’ve found. Two of them in Ohio, no less. That is some serious dedication to watching science fiction films. I love it!!

So mark your calendar as busy in mid-January next year, and head on over to Cleveland, Ohio and have some fun with these crazy college movie enthusiasts!

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