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Introducing Movie Marathon Find Beta!

I  have created another tool for your movie marathon toolboxMovie Marathon Find! My previous android app, Movie Marathon Time is geared towards creating your own movie marathon schedule at home. Movie Marathon Find, an application for Windows, Mac, and Linux, is focused on creating an optimal movie marathon schedule from a list of fixed movie showings. You would use Movie Marathon Find to create a perfect schedule for you at a movie theater, a film festival, or a convention.

Creating an optimal schedule is hard for humans. The area of mathematics that covers this is Combinatorics, specifically the study of permutations. This area of math tells us that the theoretical maximum number of schedules you can create from a list of movies is N factorial (N!). The list of possible movie schedules grows pretty fast with factorials. For example:

  1. 1! = 1
  2. 2! = 2
  3. 3! = 6
  4. 4! = 24
  5. 5 ! = 120
  6. 6! = 720
  7. 10! = 3,628,800
  8. 15! = 1.3E12 (that’s a number with 12 zeros after it!)

I don’t care what your weekend plans are, no human can (or should) bother searching through that space to find a perfect movie marathon!

Movie Marathon Find searches through this space for you, and can do so about 1 second. Computers are great at this sort of task!

V0.1 beta is my first working version of this app. The user interface isn’t too pretty, but it works! Download a copy from the Movie Marathon Find page. Send me your feedback for the next version, and let me know if you use it for your next movie marathon!

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