The top 15 most valuable movies on Letterboxd

Most Valuable Movies on Letterboxd

As I mentioned in my previous post, Letterboxd Pro is a great way to keep track of progress against famous movie lists like the AFI 100. I want to make the maximum progress on these lists in the minimum amount of time. To help me on this quest, I just created a list of the most valuable movies on Letterboxd .

Each of the movies on my list shows up in at least five of the nine “best movie” lists shown on Letterboxd Pro Stats page. The first few movies (“Star Wars”, for example) show up on eight of the nine lists. I’ve sorted this list so that the movies on the most lists appear first. If you start at the top and work down, you are guaranteed to boost you movie-watching stats in no time!

Here are the first fifteen movies on the list. These are the 15 most valuable movies on Letterboxd. Each shows up on at least six of the nine Letterboxd Pro movie lists.

The top 15 most valuable movies on Letterboxd.
The top 15 most valuable movies on Letterboxd.

Letterboxd has a handy feature to fade out movies you’ve already seen. This makes it easy to see what movies you should watch next. When I use this feature, my list looks like this:

The top 15 most valuable movies on Letterboxd, with seen movies faded.
The top 15 again, but this time with seen movies faded

You can also filter your list to only display movies that are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or whatever streaming service you already subscribe to. This is super-helpful for zeroing in on valuable movies that are available for watching right now. No need to special-order some obscure DVD. You can see it right away!

For example, here are the top 13 most valuable movies I can see on Netflix right now.

The 13 movies in the list that you can watch on Netflix, with seen movies faded.
The 13 movies in the list that you can watch on Netflix, with seen movies faded

I’m doing pretty well on the most valuable movies list. I’m just over halfway done! Just 41 movies left to go!

I’ve seen more than half the list!

The best part is, I was able to create this list in just a few minutes thanks to Letterboxd Pro’s ability to clone, export and import lists. Using a little Microsoft Excel magic made sorting through the data a breeze (is there anything Pivot Tables can’t do?).

This quick processing makes this list much easier to keep up-to-date than my previous, manually created Movie Marathon Scorecard. But, if you don’t like Letterboxd and would prefer a more traditional spreadsheet to keep track of things, the Excel-based Movie Marathon Scorecard is still there for you.

So, as always, if you a like this list, give it a like on Letterboxd. Follow me on Letterboxd while you are at it. You’ll be glad you did!

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