Movie Marathon Definition

Movie Marathon Definition

You are looking for a movie marathon definition. As the world’s foremost self-appointed expert on movie marathons, I have the definition you are looking for. Read on!

Marathon Definition

The Short Movie Marathon Definition

  • A movie marathon is any event where people watch movies continually for six hours or more.
  • The ideal length of a movie marathon is twenty-four hours.

The Long Movie Marathon Definition

The definition of a marathon, relevant to movie marathons, is:

3. any contest, event, or the like, of great, or greater than normal, length or duration or requiring exceptional endurance: a dance marathon; a sales marathon.

The key part of the definition is a marathon must be “greater than normal length or duration” or it must require “exceptional endurance”.

The popular use of the term “movie marathon” often tends towards the “greater than normal length” definition. I don’t think this is the most useful way to define a movie marathon. It begs the question: what is the smallest amount of time to qualify a movie-watching event as a movie marathon? Two movies? That is “greater than normal length”, right? We should set the minimum bar to a “great…length or duration.”

When I think of a viewing session of great length, I think of watching the original Star Wars trilogy. Most people would agree that watching the trilogy in one sitting qualifies both as a “greater than normal length” and a “long duration” viewing experience. Since the runtime of the trilogy is 6.5 hours, six hours is a reasonable minimum amount of time for an event to qualify as a movie marathon.

With the minimum length set, I think that using the “exceptional endurance” definition is a far more useful guide to defining the length of a true movie marathon. Runners require “exceptional endurance” to run 26.2 miles. Movie marathons should require a similar level of exceptional endurance. For this reason, I believe the ideal length of a movie marathon is 24 hours. By any standard, 24 hours is an impressive amount of time to stay awake watching movies. Few people can do it, much like few people can run a marathon. Both require “exceptional endurance”.

The Fun Movie Marathon Definition

Getting too caught up in the length of a movie marathon may be missing the point. A movie marathon is:

  • An adventure where you can experience some of the finest narratives written by man
  • A time to catch up on popular culture in one glorious event
  • An achievement you can brag to your friends about
  • A party where you can spend time with your favorite people.

In short, a movie marathon is an experience. What are you waiting for?

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