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Got nothing to do for the next 24 hours? You should attend a 24-hour movie marathon! But where are the best movie marathon events in the world? I’ll tell you!

I have cataloged recurring movie marathon events in the sections below. Most of them have permanent websites, and I provide links whenever available. I also put together this Google map and embedded it in this page for your convenience below.

There are one-off movie marathon events out there, but since I can’t know for sure if they’ll ever return, I have focused specifically on the events that have some staying power. Sadly, even some of the recurring movie marathons have already come and gone for good. I’ll keep this page as up-to-date as I can!

I could use your help too! If you know of any other recurring events that aren’t listed, comment on this page!

Movie Marathon Events in the USA

Good news USA movie marathon fans – you can attend 3 different movie marathons in the US in the months January, February, and March alone! Read on to learn more.

Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon

Boston Science Fiction Film FestivalAt 45 years, this is the longest running annual movie marathon event currently known. It is held every February, ending on President’s day at the Somerville Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. The festival is 11 days long, and culminates in a 24-hour sci-fi movie marathon.

CWRU Film Society Science Fiction Marathon

CWRU Film Society LogoAt 44 years, this is the second longest running annual movie marathon event currently known! Not to be outdone by Boston, they run 36-hour sci-fi movie marathons! I particularly like their list of 449 movies shown at all 44 movie marathons so far. Pay Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio a visit next January and see some sci-fi movies!

Annual Ohio 24-Hour Science Fiction Marathon

Ohio Movie Marathon LogoAt 36 years, the Ohio Science Fiction Movie marathon comes in third place in longest-running known movie marathon event. It is held  annually in mid-march at the Drexel Theater in Columbus, Ohio.

Hollywood Nights 24-Hour Movie Marathon

Hollywood Nights LogoThis movie marathon event has been held for 19 years to raise money for the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan. It is held every  November at the Emagine Theater in Novi, Michigan and raises about $30,000 to serve families in Michigan battling leukemia.

Check out my writeups on the 2013 event in Grand Rapids and the 2016 Novi event and movies.

Annual Ohio 24-Hour Horror Marathon

Ohio Movie Marathon LogoThis is a sister movie marathon to the Oho sci-fi marathon that has been running about 15 years. It is held in August at the Drexel Theater in Columbus, Ohio.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day

MST3K Turkey DayContinuing the tradition of the cable TV show, MST3K turkey day has aired for 2 years on YouTube on Thanksgiving. Watch the official MST3K channel on YouTube for announcements.

The Massacre

The MassacreThis horror movie marathon has run for about 10 years every October at the Portage Theater in Chicago, Illinois.

Movie Marathon Events in New Zealand

Incredibly Strange 24-Hour Movie Marathon

Incredibly Strange LogoThe Incredibly Strange 24-hour movie marathon has been running for 17 years in Auckland, New Zeeland. Its schedule is unannounced until the movies run.

Map of Movie Marathon Events

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