Movie Marathon Man

Movie Marathon Man

Hi! I’m John Oleszkiewicz and I love movie marathons! I have hosted or co-organized fourteen movie marathons, I’ve attended four in movie theaters, and I’ve self-published How to Host a 24-Hour Movie Marathon, a summary of everything I know so far about hosting a 24-hour movie marathon. I’m the self-proclaimed movie marathon man!

While writing my booklet, I thought that starting a weblog on the subject could be fun. I am always striving for the “perfect” marathon with great movies, great food, and great friends and I thought sharing what I learn with the world would be an excellent idea.

If you love movie marathons too, I would love to swap stories, tips, and movie ideas with you! Comment on any post or page, or contact me privately via the form below!

Thanks for visiting! Here’s hoping we can learn from each other and have some fun while we are at it!


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