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Movie Marathon Records

Your one-stop source if you are looking for movie marathon world records. All records are as collected by me, the self-appointed curator of movie marathon records.

The Longest Movie Marathon

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Guinness World Records lists the longest movie marathon as 121 hours and 18 minutes long. This record was set by Suresh Joachim in South Africa. Suresh’s record beat the previous record holder’s 2008 record of 120 hours.

Per Guinness World Records rules, Suresh had to watch all of the movies without averting his eyes from the screen. Suresh was allowed to take 10 minute breaks between each movie. Eating, drinking, standing and stretching were permitted as long as his eyes stayed on the screen.

Other claims for the longest movie marathon exist. However, they are unverified by Guinness.

The Longest Running 24 Hour Movie Marathon Event

First Place

The Case Western Reserve University Film Society held their first 36-hour sci-fi movie marathon on January 30th, 1976! The film society held their 45th movie marathon in January 17th – 19th, 2020. They have a website for their movie marathons which can tell you the specific schedule of movies shown at every marathon for the past 45 years(!). Or, if you prefer, you can see every movie ever shown at one of their marathons (449 and counting). For your years of service, and your meticulous record-keeping, I salute you!

Second Place

Boston Sci-fi festival and thonThe Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival comes in second place by a mere 16 days! 16 days! Can you believe how close that is?! According to Wikipedia, the Boston Sci-Fi film festival started on February 15th, 1976. That has to be the closest second place I’ve ever seen!

Today, the film festival continues as an 11-day cinematic event held at the historic Somerville Theatre in Boston. The first nine days consist of a traditional film festival. The 10th and 11th day concludes the festival a 24-hour sci-fi movie marathon.

Third Place

The 24 Hour Ohio Sci-fi Marathon has been showing since 1987, for 27 consecutive years,  and thirty-one 24-hour movie marathons total.

The Longest Film Series in a Box Set

The James Bond film series, at an impressive 23 movies made over 50 years, totaling more than 48 hours of movie watching fun, in one convenient box set.

Call to Action!

Do you know of another movie marathon record that has these beat? Or a record that is missing from this hall of fame? If so, contact me and I will set things right!

One thought on “Movie Marathon Records”

  1. As someone who held this record for a period in 2003 (at a ‘lowly’ 63 hours and 27 minutes – it’s interesting the see how the rules have evolved.

    Today’s contestants are able to have a 10 minute break between each film! What a luxury for bathroom breaks, meals, or even just a stretch in the sunshine. Back in 2003 we were only able to have a 15 minute break every THIRD movie – so more like 6 hours between necessities.

    Of course – like improved sports equipment over the years – these easier rules are designed to allow the record to continue expanding outwards. It also looks like this would be why the “200 hour movie marathon” wasn’t certified – those exhausted individuals were still able to take a 15 minute nap between movies, and also had 3 x 30 minute meal breaks each day!

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