Movie Marathon Ideas

Movie Marathon Ideas

Looking for movie marathon ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Multiple fantastic movie marathon ideas links are below. The first section contains ideas lists from experienced movie marathon organizers, box sets available from large movie studios, and blogs and YouTube videos from those who have first-hand experience in the ways of movie marathons. The second section has general movie ideas lists from some of the finest cinematic minds the world has ever known. And also ideas from me!

Movie Marathon Ideas Lists

Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a theme, a franchise, and a box set all in one. Prime movie marathon material!
  • Movie Marathon Themes – Browse a really big list of movie marathon theme ideas. When available, I include a link to one of my blog posts containing a complete suggested movie marathon schedule. When I don’t have one of those, I supply a link to an external website who has a good movie marathon movie list. And when I don’t have one of those…well, I give you the quick idea, and then it is up to your own imagination!
  • Movie Marathon Box Sets – No time to think? Want a movie marathon in the minimum number of mouse clicks? Have money? Then what you need is to browse the list of movie marathon box sets. Sure, only a few box sets can provide a full 24-hour movie marathon experience, but some of them can get you darn close! And seriously, why stop at one box set when you can have two?
  • Movie Marathon Blogs – The internet was built by people with too much time on their hands. Continuing this tradition, there are many who have done their own lengthy movie marathons and then blogged about the experience. Are you looking for both a movie marathon idea, and a record of how it actually turned out? This page is what you want!
  • YouTube Movie Marathon – Same as the blogs, but this time, you get to see the face of the marathoner in their video log of their movie marathon experience. Recording yourself after 24 hours of movie watching may not be the most advisable thing to do, but these brave souls are willing to do it.

General Movie Ideas Lists

American Film Institute's Top 100 Movies
The American Film Institute has a 100 good movie marathon ideas in an easy-to-download list!
  • Best Movie Lists – A lot of very smart people have put a lot of time into compiling movie lists full of the best movies known to man. Even the not-quite-as-smart ones have created lists of the most entertaining movies known to man. This link will get you a variety of lists of both types.
  • Movie podcasts – If you are looking for good ideas for your next movie marathon, but you would rather listen to some good ideas rather than read stuff for an extended period of time, then try subscribing to a movie podcast. You get great ideas delivered straight to your brain via your primary auditory interface (i.e. your ears)!
  • Movie marathon idea posts – This weblog an entire category of posts called “Movie Marathon Ideas”. Click on this link to see them all.

Beyond Movie Ideas

The Ten Commandments Still Image
  • Movie Marathon Rules – Need a little structure to get you started? Visit my movie marathon rules page to learn about my favorite rules for running movie marathons.
  • Movie marathon planner – You are a smart individual, and you probably already know all of the movies you are going to play. What you really need is help with the logistics. Head on over to the movie marathon planner page and it will tell you all about how to schedule your movie marathon and what food to bring. Your guests will be amazed and delighted with your precision movie marathon planning!
  • Movie Marathon Facts – Maybe you have some good ideas, but you need inspiration. You wonder what is really possible if you put your mind to the ultimate movie marathon? Head on over to the movie marathon facts page and you can learn the about the longest ever movie marathon, long-running public movie marathon events, and other facts that will shock and awe your sense of whimsy.
  • Contact Me – If you just aren’t finding what you need – you are only one contact form away from help. Click this link to contact me for personalized assistance with your movie marathon needs.

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