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Movie Marathon Box Sets

Sometimes, you just need to plan a movie marathon with the absolute minimum of mouse clicks. What to do? What to do?? Movie marathon box sets to the rescue!

Below you will find only the best movie marathon box sets, complete with price, runtime, and an “Shop Now” link so that the only barrier between you and your next movie marathon is your index finger…and money…and friends would be nice too.

Film Franchises

James Bond

The Bond 50 James Bond box set. That’s over 50 years of James Bond, in 23 movies, over 48.1 hours of runtime. After this much screen time, you will be James Bond. You’ll think like James Bond – which I think would mostly be like thinking like any horny man, just with better one-liners.

Anyway, I own this box set and it comes packaged as two attractive books of Blu-Ray discs, each conveniently labelled with movie title, year, and Bond girl. Its like color-coding for easy reference, but with scantily-clad girls.

Harry Potter

Discover the magical world of Harry Potter via this box set. Then, over the course of eight movies and 20 hours, watch as that magical world and your mental state become darker and darker until the final climactic ending in which Harry and you are returned to a boring domestic life of working as a bureaucrat.

Star Trek

Feeling optimistic about the future? Then set your couch on “stun” so that you can sit through the Star Trek Box set containing 12 movies and 23 hours of warping, beaming, phasing, shielding, and pondering deep futuristic questions like “what does God need with a starship?“.

If only we had invented replicators by now, you could have had an endless supply of nachos to get you through this. KHAAAAAAAAAAAHN!!!


Batman! Not in just one convenient box set yet, but still an impressive 8 movies and 19 hours of vigilante justice.

Thought “The Dark Knight” trilogy was rockin? Then wait until you see Joel schumacher’s contribution to the series! Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-Bat-nips!

The Pink Panther

They seriously made eleven Pink Panther movies?? I mean, I like to laugh and all, but almost 19 hours of hilarious incompetence of a police inspector?

That’d be like watching all of the Three Stooges episodes in one long, grueling marathon. There are only so many pratfalls and eye pokes one person can laugh at.

Friday the 13th

Alright, now we’re talking! The Friday the 13th box set brings you 12 movies and 18 hours of unstoppable machete mayhem! Why you need this much mayhem is probably something you should bring up to your therapist….or a priest.

Personal favorite: Friday the 13th: Part III – in 3D. Make it a drinking game! Every time you see a shot with an obvious emphasis on 3D (example: harpoon shot at camera), shout “3-DDDDDDD!!!!!” and take a drink.


Speaking of mayhem, why stop with a Friday the 13th box set when you could also purchase an additional 10 movies and 13 hours of slaughter via this Halloween box set?

You could watch them back-to-back and determine, once and for all, who has less of a personality – Jason or Mike Meyers. They could have a no-dialogue-off (note: not quite as fun as a dance-off).

The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit

Don’t have enough reminders of man’s inherently evil and corruptible nature? Get 17.2 hours of training on the subject over the course of 6 movies. Oh, and there is swords and orcs and boxtrolls and whatnot too.

Nightmare on Elm Street

At 9 movies and 14.2 hours, this Nightmare on Elm Street Box set delivers on clever wisecracks and murdering teenagers. Now there’s a serial killer who can multi-task! He obviously enjoys his work. Jason and Mike Myers are always business, business, business.

It just goes to show you – some people live to kill, and some people kill to live.

Star Wars

The space opera that launched one thousand action figures – This Star Wars box set leads you through the rise, fall, and redemption of Anakin Skywalker, and his evil alter ego Darth Vader, over the course of 6 movies and 13.3 hours.

Buy it now before George Lucas edits it again!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


I’m not sure what to say about the Superman film franchise. It bounces around from cheerfully optimistic in the first movie, to B-movie quality by the third movie, to mopey and angsty in its latest incarnation. Would the same people even like all six movies if they were watched together?

All I really can say for sure is that it spans 6 movies and last 13 hours long.


Normally human mutation comes in the form of cancerous tumors, but not in the X-Men Box Set! 7 movies and 14.4 hours of super-strength, flying, and healing factors instead of  “bad news” from your doctor.

Note: About X-Men The Last Stand:  maybe you should just watch a few episodes of the animated series instead. You’ll be glad you did!

The Fast and the Furious

The Fast and the Furious box set features 6 movies and 11.4 hours of “vroom vroom!” and “kaboom!” and stellar dialog like “If you want the big fish, you’ve gotta be willing to put on the big boy panties and sail out to the deep end.”

You’d be stupid not to watch all of these movies all at once! Or, at least you will be when you do!

Police Academy

The Police Academy box set provides you with seven movies and 10.5 hours of memorable characters such as…that guy that made sound effects and…that really tall guy and…that one guy from the 80s.

Pair this box set with the Pink Panther box set and you have a 29-hour movie marathon of police hilariousness.


At six movies and 10.7 hours, the Rocky box set certainly delivers on lots of boxing. Lots and lots of boxing. And training montages. Don’t forget them. And Mr. T! So you got that. At least these movies make boxing interesting, unlike some recent examples of real-life boxing.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1

The Marvel cinematic universe, phase one box set contains six movies, up to the first Avengers movie. While you might be disappointed that this fancy box set doesn’t have the latest and greatest Marvel movies, it does come with its own Tesseract. How many box sets do you have that contain an infinity stone of unlimited power? Thought so.

Movies By One Director

Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki directed eleven films for a total of 22 hours of content. If only he had thought to create a multimedia empire, he truly could have been Japan’s Walt Disney. Ah well – if you the concept of flight, environmentalism, and strong female leads (oh – and animation) – this is the box set for you.


Want more ideas that aren’t constrained by availability in a single box? Try my Movie Marathon Themes or Movie Marathon Ideas pages!

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