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Why experience a movie marathon personally when you can watch other people do YouTube movie marathons? Probably because actually watching some movies is the whole point. There. Question answered.

So, setting aside that, when you look for movie marathons on YouTube, the videos you find aren’t about replacing the movie marathon experience. The trend of YouTube movie marathons seems to be doing a movie marathon in private, sharing your thoughts about it in public, and getting feedback via comments and video responses. Thus, what would have been a solitary event suddenly becomes a social one.

I think it is an interesting idea, and some of the videos I have found are listed below. Personally, I think it is pretty hard to replace the in-person social interaction of a movie marathon – but I get that not everyone can get that for any number of reasons.

First and foremost, the godfather of YouTube movie marathons is Ryan Chattaway. You can see Ryan’s 24 Hour Movie Marathon Challenge on YouTube

His rules for creating your own YouTube Movie Marathon are as follows:

  1. Watch one film over 180 minutes
  2. Watch one film you have no interest in watching
  3. Watch one best picture academy award
  4. Watch one of your favorite films

And here are some of the vlogs of the of those up to the challenge:

Finding more isn’t particularly hard – just search for “movie marathon challenge” on YouTube and you’ll find a raft of them.

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