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Movie Marathon Like a Navy SEAL

The Art of Manliness website has a great article on how military special forces pull all-nighters. You know those guys don’t fool around when staying awake all night. While I’ve previously written about how to stay awake during a movie marathon, I’ve learned a few new tips and tricks from this article.

The most useful tidbit is to watch what you eat. Typical movie marathons provide a cornucopia of carbohydrates, fats, sugars, and other delicious ingredients to delight your tastebuds. The military guys say gorging just sets you up for a crash. Eat light, and focus on proteins (jerky, nuts, etc.) to stay full. This will help you avoid the crash carbs and sugars bring. The same goes for your drinks – go sugar-free to avoid the crash.

The second most useful tip is to lay off caffeine prior to the movie marathon. The military guys would say that skipping caffeine the day before the movie marathon, and during the daytime portion of the start of your movie marathon, helps. The Caffeine Informer recommends an even longer period of 2 weeks to 2 months to get a full-body caffeine reset. Regardless of length, skipping caffeine when you don’t need it reduces your body’s tolerance to caffeine, so that it works when you do need it.

Like with the advice for food, spec ops recommends steady dripping the caffeine to avoid a crash. The article indicates 100-150 milligrams every 2-3 hours should do it. That’s a relatively high amount of steady caffeine, per my previous article on caffeine for movie marathons. For comparison purposes, that is one 16-oz McDonald’s Latte every 2-3 hours. I think the key is to start late when you need it, not continuously gulp down 12 lattes throughout the entire marathon.

Strategic napping is also a useful idea. A ninety minute nap is more effective than caffeine at boosting alertness. The recommended nap zone is between 1-3 PM and 1-3 AM. I think napping during the movie marathon itself defeats the purpose (you are trying to stay awake!) – but I like the idea of short naps immediately before the marathon. Sometimes you can’t always get a perfect night’s sleep ahead of time, but just 90 minutes of extra sleep immediately before might be able to give you a good boost in performance.

Other fun facts from the article:

  1. Military energy gum is a thing
  2. Staying up all night can produce a sense of euphoria(!). I knew movie marathons were addictive!

Check out my full article on how to stay awake during a movie marathon so that you too can movie marathon like a pro.

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