Movie Marathon Planner

So you want to host a movie marathon? You are basically hosting a miniature film festival. You need a movie marathon planner! Rules, tools, guidelines, and tips are all organized below for your consumption. Enjoy!

Movie Marathon Planner Resources

  • Movie Marathon Rules – You need to get people excited about your movie marathon. To do that, you need to explain what your showing, and how it all ties together. Read this article for laying down your movie marathon rules.
  • Movie Marathon Schedule – You need to figure out what movies you’ll be showing and when. If your audience is coming and going, you also need to share with them what the schedule is – so they know when the good stuff is playing. Read this article for the tools that help you make this happen
  • Movie Marathon Checklists –┬áRunning a movie marathon is a sophisticated operation. If you want all of the parts moving like clockwork, you need movie marathon checklists! This article indexes all of the checklists I’ve created for you to-date.

Still Need Help?

  • Movie Marathon Ideas – You’ve got the tools, the rules, and the food all figured out, but you’re stumped on what to show? Head on over to the movie marathon ideas page and you will find theme ideas, box sets, movie lists, blogs, and more to help get your creative juices flowing.
  • Movie Marathon Facts – So maybe you just lack inspiration. Head on over to the movie marathon facts page and you can learn the about the longest ever movie marathon, public movie marathon events, and other facts that will shock and awe your sense of whimsy.
  • Movie Marathon News – Sometimes you just want to know the latest and greatest news. Visit the 24-hour movie marathon blog for the latest in 24-hour movie marathon technology.

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