Movie Marathon Checklists

Running a movie marathon is a sophisticated operation. If you want all of the parts moving like clockwork, you need movie marathon checklists! I have built a list of checklists for you below.

Thanks to the power of the inter-web, each checklist provided can be used in two ways. A PDF version of the checklist is provided if you like to check things off on paper. The online version of the checklist lets you check things off right on this site, and the checklist will remember your selections if you leave and come back.

checklistMovie Checklists

  • Movie Marathon Variety Checklists – Planning to show an interesting variety of movies at your movie marathon? Use these checklists to ensure you have your genres and directors covered.
  • Academy Aware Best Picture Checklists – Want to see all 86 academy award winners for best picture? Don’t have time for that, and only want to see the 27 that are on the American Film Institute’s list of 100 best films of all time? Use these checklists!

Planning Checklists

  • Movie Marathon Food Checklist – What food do you serve at your next movie marathon? The filet mignon and caviar? Or the bucket of fried chicken from Tony’s House O’ Grease? Use these checklists, and maybe some common sense, as your guide.

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