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Movie Marathon Rules

Are there movie marathon rules? I suppose there aren’t any carved in stone tablets, but I think there are rules you should follow if you want a successful movie marathon.

Rule #1 – Movie Marathons are six hours minimum, 24 hours is best

You need to be watching movies for at least six hours to qualify as a real movie marathon. Otherwise, you are just abusing the english language. A 24-hour movie marathon is best since it is an easy-to-recognize feat of endurance.

Think this rule is arbitrary? On the contrary! See my article on the definition of a movie marathon for more information.

Rule #2 – Pick a Theme and Stick with It

If you need help picking a theme for your movie marathon, I recommend visiting my Movie Marathon Theme page. However, the movie marathons I host do not follow themes like this. Instead, the theme that ties all of the movies together is based on two rules. Each movie must be:

  1. A movie I have never seen before
  2. A movie that I want to see, or a movie I have heard I should see

By following these two rules, I have really caught up on some great movies over the years – movies I never would have had the time to see in the normal day-to-day grind. I also think my movie marathons tend to be more engaging, since every movie offers up a new experience. I really recommend following these two rules for maximum enjoyment and discovery in your movie marathon.

That said, there are other rules out there you can follow. The best alternative I have found is Ryan Chattaway’s 24 Hour Movie Marathon Challenge on YouTube issues the following rules:

  1. Watch one film over 180 minutes
  2. Watch one film you have no interest in watching
  3. Watch one best picture academy award
  4. Watch one of your favorite films

Rule #3 – Have a Plan for the Food

You can have a movie marathon of just you or with 100 of your closest friends. Either way, you need a plan on how you are going to keep your energy up for lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch again, and all of the snacks in between.

I also have a Movie Marathon Food Page that can help you with your planning. Check it out!

Rule #4 – Have fun!

A movie marathon is an experience. Take breaks, socialize, tweet, reflect deeply on the meaning of the images you just saw. Do whatever you need to do to make the experience meaningful for you.

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