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Creating the perfect movie marathon is hard. You have to come up with movie ideas, winnow them down to a select few, arrange them into a schedule, and don’t even get me started on the invites and food. You can put together a plan with pencils and paper, but that is sooooo last century. Come into the future and use the latest digital movie marathon tools!


  • Movie Marathon Time – If you are planning your own movie marathon and want to create a schedule, download the Movie Marathon Time app for Android and Amazon Kindle!
  • Movie Marathon Find – If you are going to a movie theater or film festival with fixed showtimes, download the Movie Marathon Find application for Windows, Mac, and Linux to create the optimal schedule!.


Movie Marathon Scorecard – If you need some ideas of what to show at your next movie marathon, download the Movie Marathon Scorecard spreadsheet to see where you stand on seeing the greatest films of all time.


Other Movie Marathon Tools – Other tools exist out there on the internet. Visit this page to see what grab bag of other tools are out there

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