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If you are planning a movie marathon at a theater, film festival, or convention, you need to create a schedule. But how? You can create a schedule with a paper and pencil, but that takes time. And how can you know you’ve picked the best possible movie watching schedule? There are literally millions of different movie schedule permutations. How can this problem be solved quickly and correctly?

Use Movie Marathon Find to get the answer! Movie Marathon Find is a simple application for Windows, Mac, and Linux which reads a list of movie showings and creates an optimized list of schedules for you.

Movie Marathon Find gives you options. It lets you choose which movies you absolutely must see and those you can skip. You can choose how much breaktime between movies is too much, and how much is too little.

Download Movie Marathon Find

Version 0.1 beta is available as a executable Java archive, or packaged as an executable for Windows 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from Movie Marathon Time?

Movie Marathon Time helps you plan a movie marathon where you are in full control of the showing schedule (for example, a movie marathon held at your house).

Movie Marathon Find helps you find a perfect movie marathon schedule when movie showings are outside of your control (for example, when attending a movie marathon at a movie theater).

Can it download showtimes from the internet?

No. Unfortunately I do not know of a free way to do this (both in the legal sense and in the monetary sense). Movie theater showtimes are available on the internet for a price. Website scrapers can get you the information for “free”, as long as you don’t mind violating website terms of service and getting sued.

I know that other tools (like theater tag) automatically download movie showings from the internet (probably from Yahoo, Google, or IMDB). I wish them good luck!

 However, if you know of a free, legal, and automatic way of downloading showtimes, I am very interesting in knowing more. Let me know and I’ll build it into movie marathon find right away!

If this is the beta version, are there new features coming?

Yes! Features coming up are:

  • Accepting multiple input formats. In this beta version, the only input available is a spreadsheet file in which the start and end times are provided. I’d also like to allow start time and a movie duration time (since sometimes that is all you know for sure).
  • No movie times – I’d like to add the option of “don’t watch any movies during this time range” sot that you can do something else, like eat dinner. You can work around this in the beta version by entering in, say, “Dinner” as a movie in the input spreadsheet, and selecting “Dinner” as a required movie.
  • Start time setting – The beta version of the app assumes you’ll be attending the entire event, and can see every showing. Sometimes, you might show up in the middle of an event. You can work around this in the beta version simply by leaving out showings that will happen before you arrive.

How can I send you feedback?

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