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Movie Marathon Time, Movie Marathon Find, and the Movie Marathon Scorecard are great tools. But if you just want to browse a helpful movie marathon web tool, read below for the best tools on the interwebs!

Want to manually schedule a movie marathon schedule for your local movie theater? Use! It automatically reads the latest movie theater showtimes in your area from Yahoo movies, and offers you drag-and-drop scheduling via a web interface.

You won’t find an auto-scheduling option here. You have to arrange your own schedule manually. But, the interface is a nice graphical depiction of the schedule, and it offers a simple drag-and-drop interface.

You can share your schedule with your friends via a URL, and the visual schedule format lends itself well for printing.

[Update: 18 Aug 2019] Unfortunately, is no longer functional. This website draws its data from, and IMDB is notorious for not actually providing data to third-party apps and websites like movie madness. Download Movie Marathon Find instead! Below is my original write-up for the website. automatically generates every possible movie marathon schedule for you, based on current movie theater listings, the movies you want to see, and other parameters such as maximum preferred time between movies, how much of the beginning or end of the movie you are willing to miss, and other items.

Movie madness is fast and ruthlessly efficient. The sheer volume of results can be intimidating, but being highly selective with what movies you are willing to see, etc. helps narrow down your choices quickly.

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