Movie Marathon Scorecard

You like movies. You know it and I know it. But if you are left wondering “Have I seen all the greatest movies yet?” or “Am I keeping up on popular culture?”, then I have just the thing for you! Check out my movie marathon scorecard!

No longer do you have to wonder “Is my movie marathon habit really helping me meet my life goal of a movie-watching perfection?”. This scorecard will calculate your awesomeness by measuring which movies you have watched against several different criteria.

If you are wondering if this scorecard is legit, don’t worry – it’s science. The scorecard works by gathering up a master list of movies from four sources: Academy Award Best Picture Winners, the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Movies, the British Film Institute’s top 50 movies, and the Internet Movie Database’s top 100 movies. All you have to do is mark which movies you have seen, and the scorecard calculates your personal movie marathon score. 

Movie Marathon Scorecard Categories

The scorecard calculates your movie acheivements in four categories:

  • Ultimate Movie Marathon Score – How many movies you’ve seen on the list, with movies appearing in more than one source list weighted more heavily.
  • American Film Buff Score – How many movies you’ve seen on the list that appear on the Academy Awards best picture list, the American Film Institute list, or both.
  • International Film Snob Score – How many movies you’ve seen on the British Film Institute list, which favors class European movies.
  • Pop Culture Hipster Score – How many movies you’ve seen in the top 100 list from the Internet Movie Database, which favors recently made or otherwise popular movies.

Conveniently, this scorecard serves as both a measurement of self-worth and a handy guide for movies that you might want to include in your next movie marathon. This master list of movies pushes you to movies the world agrees you need to go see. 

For example, The Godfather appears in all four source lists, and therefore contributes to your ultimate movie marathon score by 4 points. The Matrix, despite the fact that it has at least double the amount of Kung Fu than The Godfather, only counts for 1 point. Those who are serious about their movie marathon game know what they should watch next.

My Movie Marathon Scorecard Results

To get started, you need a benchmark to compare yourself against. I ran filled out the scorecard for myself, and the results are below. I’m laying down the gauntlet, world. Beat these stats!

That probably won’t be too hard! Especially for film majors! But no matter – as far as I know right this second, I am the king of all movie marathons!

  • Ultimate Movie Marathon Score – 145/338 – 43%
  • American Film Buff Score – 75/186 – 40%
  • International Film Snob Score – 13/52 – 25%
  • Pop Culture Hipster Score – 57/100 – 57%

Download the Movie Marathon Scorecard

The movie marathon scorecard is presently available in Microsoft Excel format. I would like to make the scorecard available in other formats as well – such as a dynamic webpage page on this site. That will take a little more effort than just slapping web links and other data into Excel, so you’ll have to wait for that version. But, without further ado – the Excel files!

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