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Movie Marathon Time

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Need help scheduling your next movie marathon? Now there’s an app for that! Introducing Movie Marathon Time – the movie marathon app for Android devices, now available on Google Play. and the Amazon App Store.

Movie Marathon Time helps you plan the perfect movie marathon. You can search for movies by title, automatically download movie data like posters, runtime, release date, and genre, and put that movie data into your draft movie marathon.

From there, you can arrange the schedule just as you like with simple drag-and-drops. Start and stop times are kept up-to-date automatically as you change your schedule. If you change your mind on any movie, you can delete it with a simple swipe.

You can manually add breaktime between movies or let the app take care of that for you by auto-aligning your schedule. For example, the app can ensure your movies start only in 15-minute increments. This automatically builds in the all-important bathroom breaks and social time into your movie marathon schedule.

Movie Marathon Time App - Lists

You can create as many movie marathons as you want and share them via text, e-mail, facebook, and many other standard apps on your mobile device.

And best of all – it’s free! Download it today and send me your feedback. I’d love to hear from you what features you like and what new features you’d love to see. While you are add it, send me your movie marathon creations and I’ll share them on this website!

If you really like the app, you can support future development and this website by purchasing a copy of my movie marathon book or by clicking the ads on this website.

Check out this YouTube video to see the app in action!

All movie data in this app is made available courtesy of Pay them a visit and support their work of creating an open, community-based database of movie data!