Marvel Movie Marathon – Phase 2

In case you missed it, another movie marathon in a box is now available: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2. For those playing along at home, you can now acquire all Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies in two convenient (and expensive) boxes (see phase 1 box set here), complete with their own infinity stones and other nerdy nonsense!

When Avengers: Age of Ultron premiered, some were brave enough to watch all the previously released MCU films in one 27-hour marathon. Some pop culture reporters attended these marathons, and their movie marathon diaries are a hoot to read. My favorite quote is from the AV Club’s Alex McCown, who said:

The movie induces a sense of floating. All cares have subsided, all desires sated, all needs met. It’s like 1984: I’m at a Marvel movie marathon. I have always been at a Marvel movie marathon. I will always be at a Marvel movie marathon. This is life.

And that, right there, is the pure, transcendental experience good movie marathons provide. Wasting time with meditation and self-reflection is for suckers.

Sadly, not everyone is ready to achieve Nirvana. Scott Bixby at Arts.Mic was rooting for Ultron by the time his marathon was over, and Alex Abad-Santos from Vox just sounded plain old tired. Still, their misery is our gain, like this goofy quote from Scott:

11:36 p.m.: Two tubs of popcorn later, I’m thirsty enough to try cracking open my can of Monster. I discover that the worst thing about Monster is how good Monster tastes. It’s like how cats love the taste of antifreeze because it’s so sweet.

Anyway, take a look at their harrowing accounts of 27-hours of spandex-clad superheros. Maybe a Marvel movie marathon is finally within your grasp! Like, you know, ultimate power or something.

Photo by QuadAssassinCustoms

Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Marathon

Clocking in at nine movies, the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise is one of the longer-running movie franchises. Conveniently, you can purchase a box set and two extras (Freddy vs. Jason and the Nightmare On Elm Street reboot) to get the full collection.

The entire Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is 849 minutes long. This is a little more than 14 hours of watching Freddy Krueger crack jokes before murdering teenagers in creative ways. This isn’t really enough for a 24-hour movie marathon, but perhaps it is a good way to waste a day in a way you probably shouldn’t tell your friends about.

Despite Freddy’s wit and charm, the mute, dead, dumb-as-a-brick, and probably stinky serial killer Jason Voorhees still has bragging rights, with a total of 12 movies under his machete-holding belt.

But then, Jason wouldn’t brag. He’s the strong, silent type.

Box Set Honorable Mention: Police Academy

Police academy movies complete box setOk. “Honorable Mention” is a bit of a stretch. In fact, a Police Academy box set / movie marathon makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.But, it is indeed a box set that exits, there are seven movies in the box set, and those seven movies will get you most of the way through a 24-hour marathon.

This box set isn’t enough for a movie marathon all by itself. But, if just can’t get enough of that dreamboat Steve Guttenberg, then take this box set, throw in some Cocoon, Short Circuit, 3 Men and a Baby, and you will have yourself a marathon. I wish you good luck in your 1980’s dreamland.