Black Friday Movie Marathon Deal In Progress!

Best Buy is selling Bond 50 for $100 on Black Friday! How do I know? I got it! Behold the 24 disc box set in all of its glory!

Bond 50 Box Bond 50 - Volumes 1 and 2Bond 50 - Sample pagesThe 23 films are 48 hours long, and the box set comes with a bonus disc and 120 additional hours of content (video, interviews, commentaries, etc.). That’s 24 Blu-Ray discs at $4 a pop. Now that’s what I call a movie marathon in a box.

That Best Buy is selling for this price seems to be a hidden treasure. I don’t see it in the Best Buy Black Friday Ad Scan, it was not marked in the store as a special deal (it was tagged at a higher price), but yet at least one Black Friday deal watcher was able to detect it somehow. All I care is that it rang up correctly in the store.

If you are doing any Best Buy Black Friday shopping this year (2014) do yourself a favor and scoop up this gem. Best Buy is open at 8 AM Friday. Then all you have to do is find some time in the next couple days (or couple months) to get through them all! Awesome!

Someone did it: James Bond Movie Marathon

So I mentioned a while back the idea of a James Bond movie marathon. The James Bond franchise has the distinction of being the only box set that you can easily purchase that would fill up an entire 24-hour movie marathon and then some (2.25 in fact).

But breaking up the franchise into 24-hour movie marathons is so awkward! What to do? Someone actually went out and had a 50-hour James Bond movie marathon. Ugh. Even knowing they had designated sleep breaks, this would be just too brutally long and repetitive to me.

The last line says it all:

We still love the 007 films, but perhaps a straight run isn’t the best way to tackle them. Like a shaken-not-stirred vodka martini, these movies are best enjoyed in moderation!

Want to try this yourself? The Bond 50 box set from Amazon has everything you need!
James Bond 50 - Complete James Bond movie Box Set

James Bond Movie Marathon: A License for Sleep Deprivation

James Bond has a respectable 24 movies to his name (although that can vary a bit by how you count). All of these movies add up to 50.6 hours of movie time. Sounds like perfect material for a James Bond movie marathon, right? Unfortunately, shaken or stirred, a James Bond movie marathon would be an awkward experience in the 24-hour format.

To start, if you add a standard 15 minute break between the 24 movies, that adds up to about 57 hours, or an awkward 2.3 24-hour movie marathons.

On top of that, there is no good breaking point between on series of actors and another. Sean Connery’s Bond films adds up to 14 hours (837 minutes). Roger Moore’s Bond films add up to 14.7 hours (882 minutes). So a Sean Connery marathon is too short, a Roger Moore marathon is too short, and both together is too long. All the other Bonds clock in at 19.4 hours, not quite enough either!

The Sean Connery series

The Roger Moore Series

The Timothy Dalton Series

The Pierce Brosnan Series

The Daniel Craig Series

On the plus side, you can buy almost all of them from Amazon.