Marvel Movie Marathon – Phase 2

In case you missed it, another movie marathon in a box is now available: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2. For those playing along at home, you can now acquire all Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies in two convenient (and expensive) boxes (see phase 1 box set here), complete with their own infinity stones and other nerdy nonsense!

When Avengers: Age of Ultron premiered, some were brave enough to watch all the previously released MCU films in one 27-hour marathon. Some pop culture reporters attended these marathons, and their movie marathon diaries are a hoot to read. My favorite quote is from the AV Club’s Alex McCown, who said:

The movie induces a sense of floating. All cares have subsided, all desires sated, all needs met. It’s like 1984: I’m at a Marvel movie marathon. I have always been at a Marvel movie marathon. I will always be at a Marvel movie marathon. This is life.

And that, right there, is the pure, transcendental experience good movie marathons provide. Wasting time with meditation and self-reflection is for suckers.

Sadly, not everyone is ready to achieve Nirvana. Scott Bixby at Arts.Mic was rooting for Ultron by the time his marathon was over, and Alex Abad-Santos from Vox just sounded plain old tired. Still, their misery is our gain, like this goofy quote from Scott:

11:36 p.m.: Two tubs of popcorn later, I’m thirsty enough to try cracking open my can of Monster. I discover that the worst thing about Monster is how good Monster tastes. It’s like how cats love the taste of antifreeze because it’s so sweet.

Anyway, take a look at their harrowing accounts of 27-hours of spandex-clad superheros. Maybe a Marvel movie marathon is finally within your grasp! Like, you know, ultimate power or something.

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Correct Marvel Movie Marathon Timeline

The nice folks at CNet have put together an excellent infographic on the correct order to watch 19 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and TV shows. Because, really, if you don’t watch the storyline in the correct fictional chronological order, how could you possibly follow any of the plot?

It’d be like watching the Star Wars episodes IV-VI before I-III….oh wait. It’d be like reading the Bible out of order (don’t miss a single page of Leviticus and its dietary rules action!)…oh wait. It’d be like watching The Matrix: Revolutions before The Matrix… actually that would be quite bad. Don’t do that.

Anyway, enjoy nerding out on this infographic. I know I did!

Marvel movies and TV in order

Marvel Movie Marathon

I mentioned a while back that having a Marvel movie marathon sounds like a good idea and that I’d put together a sample schedule for such a marathon.

Well here it is, in all its sample glory. This would be one sweet movie marathon, if I do say so myself. If only we had latent superpowers unlocked by sleep deprivation, instead of anger.

The rule of thumb I used for selecting the movies was that I chose the first movie in a series to favor a variety of “origin story” movies, rather than following the sequels of any particular series. Your mileage may vary. Spider-man 2, for example, is widely regarded as one of the best superhero movies of all time. The Punisher is, well, “meh” at best. Just be thankful I didn’t include Howard the Duck.

Also, I put the films in chronological order of their release for no particularly good reason. Perhaps it will help you appreciate the special effects as they go from worst to best. Enjoy!

Marvel Movie Marathon Movies


BladeMy take: Wesley Snipes plays a vampire hunter who really hates vampires and their midnight rave blood-shower parties. What a buzzkill.


X-MenMy take: Patrick Stewart plays himself as a totally awesome psychic leader of superhero mutants battling other villainous mutants. Things go boom. Punches are exchanged.

Spider Man

Spider-ManMy take: Tobey Maguire plays a half-human, half-spider. Surprisingly, very few fluids are sucked out of ensnared victims. Mostly, stuff blows up and people smooch and whatnot.


DaredevilMy take: Ben Affleck plays a leather-clad superhero lawyer. His powers of filing briefs and clocking billable hours are unparalleled.

The Punisher

The PunisherMy take: The Punisher fights crime using….no superpowers and pretty conventional weaponry. He’s like Batman without infinite resources, a utility belt, or any kind of working ethical system.

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic FourMy take: Astronauts become superheros who battle an evil CEO while in skin-tight, sexy uniforms. The American dream in a nutshell.

Iron Man

Iron ManMy take: A cocky millionaire invents cold fusion and a flying mechanical battle suit with the help of various robots and artificial intelligences of his own design. This is Showgirls for engineers.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible HulkMy take: A man who turns into a gigantic, super-powered green fighting machine? Credible. His pants stay intact post-transformation? Incredible.


ThorMy take: The god of thunder comes to earth to participate in a deadly martial arts tournament….oh wait. That’s Mortal Kombat. In this one, the god of thunder goes to New Mexico and flirts with an attractive astrophysicist. Which film do you think is more plausible?

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain AmericaMy take: Captain America – the superhero who is…really strong due to chemical enhancements…and he has a shield. So – he’s pretty much Barry Bonds with a shield instead of a bat.

The Avengers

AvengersMy take: Calling Team Awesome! Assemble in the flying aircraft carrier and fight an evil God and his invincible alien army from another dimension! Clearly the best movie ever made.

Marvel Movie Marathon Schedule


Start TimeTitle
12:00 PMBlade
02:30 PMX-Men
04:30 PMSpider Man
06:45 PMDaredevil
08:45 PMThe Punisher
11:00 PMFantastic Four
01:00 AMIron Man
03:15 AMThe Incredible Hulk
05:15 AMThor
07:15 AMCaptain America: The First Avenger
09:30 AMThe Avengers
12:00 PMFinish

Movie Marathon Theme Idea: Marvel Comics Movies

While goofing around on the internet (is there another purpose to the internet?), I ran into this post from an undergrad at FIU that described her top 10 movie marathons. One idea I really liked was a Marvel Movie marathon. Marvel has been making some quality movies lately – why not cram the best into a 24-hour marathon?

Of course, some Marvel half-marathons have already been held, but is there enough material for a 24-hour marathon? Thankfully, the internet knows a thing or two about comic books: There are about 30 Marvel movies available. You could make a 24-hour movie marathon out of this without breaking a sweat.

Stay tuned for a sample schedule. Thanks dfox1992 for the idea!