Caffeine for Movie Marathons

You need caffeine for movie marathons, and lots of it. Sure, you know what beverages are the tastiest, but which delivers the most stimulants for your dollar? And how much can you drink before it kills you? The website Caffeine Informer has the answers to these important questions, and more.

When planning your next movie marathon, you need to consult my movie marathon food checklist first. The checklist has recommendations for what type of caffeinated beverages you should offer, and more. But if you want to know how much caffeine is in those drinks, you can look them up at the Caffeine Informer’s caffeine database. You can browse the list or look up drinks by name. I like to use the sorting feature to rank all known sodas by their relative caffeine content.

My latest favorite soda is Pepsi Max. It supplies a little extra jolt compared to your run-of-the-mill Diet Coke. The caffeine database confirms that Pepsi Max has twice the caffeine (69 mg) as Coca-Cola Classic (34 mg), but about half the caffeine as Mountain Dew: Game Fuel (121 mg). Very informative!

Knowing the relative amount of caffeine in a drink is helpful, but what is safe? The caffeine calculator can tell you! The calculator tells me that my safe limit of Pepsi Max in one day is about 3 liters, and that drinking 70 liters would kill me. Now there’s some handy advice! Speaking of death, Caffeine Informer also has an article about the deadliest caffeinated products available. Impressively, a packet of pure caffeine powder can kill 13 healthy adults. Pro tip: you might want to avoid this product at your next movie marathon.

To further educate yourself, the site has helpful science articles, such as how the human body processes caffeine and how your caffeine sensitivity may vary from others.

Stay awake and stay safe! Happy drinking!

Movie Marathon Drink Tip: Homemade Icees

homemade icee (slushie) I usually focus on the food for movie marathons. Pizza, popcorn, chips, desserts, yum! But what about drinks? Everyone has had every type of carbonated colas before. Isn’t there anything special you can serve up for the perfect movie marathon drink? There is one iconic movie theater beverage I can think of: ICEEs!

Don’t have an a ICEE machine? Well good – you shouldn’t – they don’t even rent them for home use! Instead, check out this recipe for homemade ICEEs. Since it only involves Kool Aid, ice, and some seltzer water, I think even I could handle it.

Still not convinced? Take the 40-second YouTube tutorial on how to make an ICEE.