Six-Day MST3K Movie Marathon Starts Monday! is no longer just for watching some nerd on the internet play StarCraft while prepubescent boys hurl insults in a chat box. Now you can do that AND watch a six-day MST3K movie marathon! Check out the video promo for the marathon here.

If you aren’t familiar, MST3K stands for “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, the greatest show from the 1990s (and recently revived on Netflix) which takes bad movies and makes fun of them with jokes in real time. It’s funny. You’d like it. (for more on my deep love of MST3K and how it probably started my obsession with movie marathons, check out my article on the subject here)

According to the announcement, they’ll be playing 38 classic episodes of MST3K over the space of six days, starting on June 26 at 11 a.m. Pacific Time and end July 3. A typical MST3K episode (minus commercials) is about 1.5 hours. By my count, that’s approximately 57 hours of MST3K content. The announcement indicates that the remaining time will be filled with “an assortment of vintage educational shorts and other bonus content in between each episode.” Commercials are also presumably involved.

If you are a prepubescent boy, no worries, real-time chat will still be available during the marathon. In fact, that’s part of the appeal. According to Variety’s article:

The point: to highlight Twitch’s ambitions of becoming a home for more than just live video-game action. Twitch refers to itself as a “social video platform,” letting viewers chat in real-time in a window next to the video.

Not convinced to take the next week off of work? Need to try before you buy? Many classic MST3K episode are available on the MST3K YouTube channel. Might I suggest one of my personal favorites: King Dinosaur?

King Dinosaur MST3K Cover ArtIn this movie, 1950’s scientists travel to planet Nova, discover giant iguanas and call them T-rexes, and (spoiler alert) end up nuking the new life forms they discovered. Why? Because…well… they brought an atom bomb with them. It was a good time to use it!

MST3K Turkey Day 2016

MST3K Turkey Day 2016 starts on November 24th at noon Eastern Time. You can watch on any device that can run the Pluto TV app (Roku, Amazon Fire stick, etc.) on Pluto TV channel 515, or you can watch directly on with your web browser. This turkey day marathon will play six top-rated episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, as voted for by fans.

In years past, Joel Hodgson hosted entertaining bumpers between each episode. It looks as if he’ll be doing that again  with Jonah Ray. Jonah is the host for the next generation of MST3K, which will premiere on Netflix sometime in early 2017.

Not familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000? A man and his wisecracking robots make fun of bad movies. Comedy ensues. See you there!


Update: The show is also showing live on YouTube here.

Bring Back MST3K!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming back! The Bring Back MST3K kickstarter campaign has met its minimum goal of $2.2 million. That grants the world 3 new episodes of MST3K. If the campaign raises $5.5 million, then we are collectively bequeathed a full season of 12 episodes. There are still several weeks left to go (at the time of this writing), so there is still time for you too help too.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I fondly harken back to the annual tradition of MST3K Turkey Day movie marathons. If this kickstarter campaign works, it could be the start of many more Turkey Day movie marathons to come. Joel Hodgson’s world-domination plan is to use a wildly-successful kickstarter campaign as evidence to the major television networks that the world is ready for a MST3K revival. It is time for us to stand up and say “we’re ready”!

I’m ready! MST3K made me the man I am today! Specifically: a man with a weird sense of humor, an appreciation of all movies (both good and terrible), and a love of movie marathons! It would be borderline criminal not to pass on these values to my kids.

Anyway, Joel explains it all in the video below. Chip in a couple bucks and help bring back MST3K! Think of the children!

MST3K Is Back On Thanksgiving!

In the not-too-distant-future, next Thanksgiving A.D. There will be a guy named Joel, not too different from you or me….hosting the second streaming Turkey Day MST3K movie marathon!

The Turkey Day marathon will be streaming live starting at noon EST on They are streaming the show via YouTube, and I believe you’ll also be able to see the show on the Official MST3K YouTube Channel.  However, some report that the 2013 marathon wasn’t playable on TV-based players like Roku.

They’ll play six episodes, with host segments by Joel Hodgson – so it’ll probably last until about 9-10 PM? The schedule hasn’t been announced yet, but you can tweet Joel with your suggestions.

Speaking of episodes – the Official MST3K YouTube Channel has two full MST3K episodes available – Manos: The Hands of Fate and Mitchell! For your convenience, I’ve embedded Manos below so you can watch it immediately.

MST3K Turkey Day Revived!

All the way back in 1991, I was at the annual Thanksgiving family get-together . It was easy to get lost in these events, as my mom’s family consisted of 11 aunts and uncles, their significant others, and an unknown, but large, quantity of cousins.

I glanced over at the TV, and noticed that Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster was playing. This made me happy, as I was an avid 1970’s-style Godzilla fan at the time. Then I noticed the little silhouettes at the bottom of the screen. And that was the night I became a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).

What I had stumbled upon was the first of five Turkey Day marathons of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. Each turkey day run for about 30 hours. Turkey Day was always a joyous occasion, since I could use it to fill in the gaps in my ever-expanding VHS library of MST3K episodes. In retrospect, I wonder if Turkey Day planted the seed that would later become my great delight in hosting and attending movie marathons.

25 years after MST3K debuted, Turkey Day is back! It is a web event curated and hosted by Joel Hodgson – the creator and original host of the show.  It will be six episodes long (as opposed to, say, fifteen) and starts at noon on Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it myself, but it sure sounds like a fun event! Sign up if you can!