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Tracking Movies With Letterboxd Pro

I’ve figured out that the real power of Letterboxd.com is tracking movies with Letterboxd Pro. Let me explain.

When I first visited Letterboxd, I was a little confused on what the site was good for. I can look up movies, review them, other people can like my reviews, I can like other people’s reviews. That’s all interesting, but doesn’t IMDb offer the same thing?

I paid $20 for a Letterboxd Pro account and that changed the game for me. The main thing you get for your pro membership is a personal statistics screen. I’ve been waiting all my movie marathoning life for a slick stats screen like this.

Check this out:

24-Hour Movie Marathon's Progress on Movie Lists
My personal progress against famous movie lists

On this page, I can measure my progress against “best of” movie lists I’ve been talking about on this site for years. It has my favorites: the AFI 100, the BFI 250, and the IMDb 250. It also includes 1001 Movies to See Before You Die, the letterboxd 250, and other random lists like Guillermo del Toros top movie recommendations.

That is incredibly useful. I’ve been tracking this sort of information in spreadsheets for a while, but here it all is in a fun format!

Speaking of which, some of the stats are just plain fun. Here I can see a summary of every movie I’ve ever watched, sorted by year:

Every movie I’ve ever watched, sorted by year

Apparently I have watched about two movies a month every month for my entire life. That strangely sounds like alot but also not enough!

And for more nerdy self-indulgence, I can even see my most-watched actors and directors.

Of course Samuel L. Jackson is my most-watched actor

And this is just the summary page. If I click on any of these graphics, it shows my the souce movie list. From there I can see every detail of what movies I have seen, which I haven’t and what video services stream those movies (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc.)

I love it! I’m looking forward to sharing more movie list adventure. Follow moviemarathon on letterboxd to keep up-to-date!

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