Longest Movie Marathon?

UPDATE: This world record is unverified by Guinness World Records. Click here to learn more about the longest verified-by-Guinness movie marathon.

This 200-hour movie marathon seems completely impossible. I’m kind of tired after a 24-hour movie marathon, but doing eight of them in a row? That’s a brutal experience, and plain ‘ol dangerous. Sleep deprivation causes crazy neurological problems and hallucinations after just a couple of days. And these guys stayed awake for eight? Really?

I suppose the Guinness world record for hours awake is 449 hours, so these guys had some hours to spare. Still – the main point of a movie marathon is to have fun, not pretend you are in some kind of Ironman triathlon!.


Someone did it: James Bond Movie Marathon

So I mentioned a while back the idea of a James Bond movie marathon. The James Bond franchise has the distinction of being the only box set that you can easily purchase that would fill up an entire 24-hour movie marathon and then some (2.25 in fact).

But breaking up the franchise into 24-hour movie marathons is so awkward! What to do? Someone actually went out and had a 50-hour James Bond movie marathon. Ugh. Even knowing they had designated sleep breaks, this would be just too brutally long and repetitive to me.

The last line says it all:

We still love the 007 films, but perhaps a straight run isn’t the best way to tackle them. Like a shaken-not-stirred vodka martini, these movies are best enjoyed in moderation!

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