Movie Marathon Drinking Game

It is difficult to imagine something more ill-advised than playing drinking games during a 24-hour movie marathon. You think a night of drinking and a morning hangover is tough? Try combining those two things and adding no sleep on top of it. I’m not gonna lie: that sounds rough.

But, it does make you think: could you devise a set of rules for a movie marathon drinking game if you wanted to? Most of the movie drinking games out there are focused on one movie or a small collection of movies. How could you keep a drinking game going through a movie marathon that has a variety of movies?

I say: easy! Just be on the lookout for overused movie clichés. Movies are often a playground of recycled ideas, impossible physics, and overused tropes. You just need a watchful eye to spot them, and a drink in hand to take advantage of them.

Movie Marathon Drinking Game Rules

Take a Drink When Your Action Movie Has…

  • Characters that walk away from a giant explosion without looking at it.
  • A villain who decides to start a monologue when the hero is in his clutches
  • A single boss, computer, or spaceship that is blown up and renders an entire army of bad guys instantly useless.
  • A bomb that is defused with zero or one seconds remaining
  • A car that explodes after falling off a cliff, getting shot, or otherwise touched in any way.
  • The Wilhelm Scream
  • A character who throws away a gun like a used napkin when it is out of bullets
  • A Mexican standoff, wherein three or more characters, engage in a duel.

Take a Drink When Your Horror Movie Has…

  • A car that fails to start when the character really needs it
  • A character trying to use a phone, but there is no reception / dial tone
  • A character who falls to the ground when running from a threat
  • Something totally scary is coming, here it comes, it is going to be really scary – oh it is just a cat.
  • A character who movies a bathroom mirror and suddenly sees A SCARY THING BEHIND THEM!
  • A character bitten by a zombie who decides not telling anyone is the best way to go
  • A character who asks: “Is anyone there?”

Take a Drink When Any Movie Has…

  • A training montage.
  • A homely character who becomes sexy the minute they remove their glasses
  • A kiss between the love interests…interrupted at the last possible second.
  • A character who is definitely, totally dead and defeated…until they aren’t.
  • Hidden keys located right next to where they are used in the most obvious hiding place imaginable
  • An air vent any character of any size can crawl through to get anywhere in a building
  • Rain at a funeral
  • An inspiring speech that motivates the good guys / sports team.
  • A dying person who gives an eloquent speech for his last words
  • Someone knocked unconscious due to any mild blow to the head
  • Falls from a great height but are ok since they landed in water
  • A computer system that is quickly hacked by looking intently at a screen and pressing buttons fast
  • A computer is used to magically resolve a problem (solve a crime, defeat the enemy) because computers can do anything.
  • The big revelation that it was all a dream.

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