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Movie Marathon Theater Scheduling Tool

When I recently did an in-theater 24-hour movie marathon, I worked out my viewing schedule by hand, trying to maximize the number of movies I could see without overlapping them. It was labor intensive and kind of boring.

I guess I should have done my research first – Movie could have done that for me automatically! This tool puts together every possible combination of viewing schedule, then sorts by schedules that are maximally efficient (i.e. most movies you can see, given the viewing schedule) based on your parameters (i.e. are you willing to overlap movie start/end times a bit? What movies should you include/exclude?).

I find the viewpoint behind the site kind of lame (“Stick it to the man and theater-hop for free! Its okay because big companies don’t deserve to make money because they charge us money for goods and services that we enjoy consuming! And that sucks! It should all be free because we say so! Blarg!”) But, they put together a simple and easy-to-use tool, so there you go.

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