Jackie Chan Movie Marathon

Jackie Chan is listed as an actor in over 120 movies. Not a lead role every time, mind you. In his early films he was “thug sliding on floor” and “mole face gang leader” (that’s a great credit right there). Still this gives you a sense of the difficultly to create a “perfect” Jackie Chan movie marathon.

I took a few of the “Jackie Chan Best Of” lists and merged them as best I could into one 24-hour Jackie Chan movie marathon. All of the lists out there agreed on maybe about five movies. However, all of the movies you see below was on at least one list, so I think you can spend your 24 hours in confidence that you are getting the best Jackie has to offer! Enjoy!

Jackie Chan Movie Marathon Movies

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

Snake In The Eagle's ShadowMy take: An evil clan is all evil and stuff. Jackie Chan is a humble janitor taught by a humble beggar / martial arts master. Will the underdog triumph? I suppose it depends on how well the evil clan is managed. Do they have a good corporate training program and benefits? Find out!

The Young Master

The Young MasterMy take: Jackie Chan loses his honor in a dance competition and must redeem himself by saving his brother, who has fallen into a life of crime. Its “Bring it On” meets the prodigal son. But with slapstick kung fu action.

Project A

Project AMy take: This documentary shows how the coast guard protects us against pirates. The answer is “with Kung Fu. In Hong Kong. In the 19th century.”

Police Story

Police StoryMy take: In this movie, Jackie Chan plays a Hong Kong Supercop…whoops, wait, that’s seven years after this movie. Instead, he plays a Hong Kong cop who is super at Kung Fu. There. That clears it up.

The Armour of God

Armour Of GodMy take: Jackie Chan pursues the Armour of God from evil monks. In the sequel, he pursues the tennis shoes of Satan from evil tollbooth operators.

Police Story 2

Police Story 2My take: Strangely enough, Jackie Chan singlehandedly beating up a legion of bad guys is frowned upon by his police superiors, and he is busted down to traffic cop. That is probably where most of this story is focused: Jackie Chan writing tickets.

Dragons Forever

Dragons ForeverMy take: Jackie Chan is a lawyer with super Kung Fu skills who…wait, what?


MiraclesMy take: Jackie Chan accidentally becomes the head of a crime family. Its basically “The Godfather” if Michael had known Kung Fu and didn’t descend into depravity.


SupercopMy take: Jackie Chan plays a Hong Kong cop…again? Come on. Couldn’t he play, say a Swedish super cop? “Probably not” is the correct answer.

Crime Story

Crime StoryMy take: Jackie Chan plays a Hong Kong cop….really? Ok, I’m really running out of pithy things to say about Hong Kong supercops at this point.

The Legend of Drunken Master

The Legend Of Drunken MasterMy take: Jackie Chan is an expert in Drunken Boxing style Kung Fu. This has to be one of the most amusing fighting style names ever. Someone should invent “Drunken Gymnast” style Kung Fu quick to top this!

Rumble in the Bronx

Rumble In The BronxMy take: Jackie Chan fights in somewhere that is probably the Bronx in some mirror universe where everyone in New York speaks Chinese.

Who am I?

Who Am I?My take: Jackie Chan asks a soul-searching question that everyone should ask themselves. Probably one of his most thought-provoking…oh wait – it’s a Kung-Fu flick. Never mind!

Jackie Chan Movie Marathon Schedule

Start TimeTitle
12:00 PMSnake in the Eagle’s Shadow
02:00 PMThe Young Master
03:45 PMProject A
05:45 PMPolice Story
07:30 PMThe Armour of God
09:15 PMPolice Story 2
11:00 PMDragons Forever
01:00 AMMiracles
03:00 AMSupercop
04:45 AMCrime Story
06:30 AMThe Legend of Drunken Master
08:15 AMRumble in the Bronx
10:00 AMWho am I?
12:00 PMFinish