Making Movie Marathon Popcorn

My father-in-law handles making movie marathon popcorn. My popcorn making skills start and end with the use of a microwave. He used some kind of apparatus to pop it on the stovetop, but I never paid close attention to how he was doing it. I’ve since learned that he was using a whirley popper, and that whirley poppers are regarded as one of the best ways to produce movie-theater quality popcorn at home. This sounded like a promising area of movie marathon research. What would a movie marathon be without quality popcorn.

Basic instructions are not hard to find. An instructional video is available on YouTube and the Whirley-Pop makers have some written instructions. It looks pretty easy! I’m impressed at how fast it is too. I want to try it myself, so I put in an order whirley pop popcorn kit.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

UPDATE: 25 March  2017

Thanks to Andy for his detailed comments about his home popcorn-popping experience! I did indeed purchase the whirley pop, and I had all the supplies I could want from my local popcorn supply store. Costco also sells large quantities of popcorn kernels. My use of the whirley pop has had its highs and lows:

High point: I used the whirley pop and a portable single-burner stovetop to mass-produce popcorn for about 30 people at my office as a fun get-together for my project team. The popcorn was popular and it was easy to make. Note: I paid less than half of what the linked model is currently going for – shop around!).

Low point: I like salt. No, I really like salt. I found over time that I tended to use too much. Maybe not too much for me, but too much for other normal human beings like my wife. I’m not much of a natural chef, so I don’t think I took full advantage of experimenting with different mixtures of seasonings. Eventually laziness took over, and Amazon Dash gets me a crate of popcorn with a press of a button.

So, for better or worse, my whirley popping days are now dormant. Perhaps someday I’ll back to the mad science of making the perfect movie marathon popcorn.