Bond 50 Box

Black Friday Movie Marathon Deal In Progress!

Best Buy is selling Bond 50 for $100 on Black Friday! How do I know? I got it! Behold the 24 disc box set in all of its glory!

Bond 50 Box Bond 50 - Volumes 1 and 2Bond 50 - Sample pagesThe 23 films are 48 hours long, and the box set comes with a bonus disc and 120 additional hours of content (video, interviews, commentaries, etc.). That’s 24 Blu-Ray discs at $4 a pop. Now that’s what I call a movie marathon in a box.

That Best Buy is selling for this price seems to be a hidden treasure. I don’t see it in the Best Buy Black Friday Ad Scan, it was not marked in the store as a special deal (it was tagged at a higher price), but yet at least one Black Friday deal watcher was able to detect it somehow. All I care is that it rang up correctly in the store.

If you are doing any Best Buy Black Friday shopping this year (2014) do yourself a favor and scoop up this gem. Best Buy is open at 8 AM Friday. Then all you have to do is find some time in the next couple days (or couple months) to get through them all! Awesome!

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