Movie Marathon Pee Break App

I love caffeinated beverages at my movie theater outings, and I rely on them when I’m doing a 24-hour movie marathon. But what goes in, must come out. What should I do if i need a movie marathon pee break? You can’t pause the movie theater! Thank goodness we now have an app for that. Say hello to RunPee!

Everyone who has a bladder and watches movies needs to download RunPee for their mobile device. RunPee tells you exactly when to take a pee break for a given movie. No need to guess if the next scene is going to be boring or not!

The RunPee app provides:

  1. A brief movie pee summary, which describes the general pacing of the movie
  2. Specific pee times, including the number of minutes you’ll have to dash to the bathroom, a line of dialog to cue you to leave, the number of minutes into the movie the break appears
  3. Vibrating peetime alerts
  4. A visual timer to next peetime
  5. Synopsis of what you missed during your pee break
  6. And More!

You have to synchronize the app’s timer with the beginning of the movie (i.e. the fadeout of the first production company). But after that, you can rest assured that you’ll know the optimal time to dash out of that theater.

The founder of the company keeps their movie database up-to-date with his family and a few other contributors. This is a fun scrappy app company. I salute them for their brilliant product. I will be enthusiastically using it at this year’s Hollywood Nights Movie-Thon!

Run Pee Pee Times

Movie Marathon Book – 3rd Edition!

The third edition of my movie marathon book – How to Host a 24-Hour Movie Marathon – is now available! I started this website shortly after I published the second edition in late 2012. That was almost five years ago! A lot has happened in the last five years. Many movies have been released. This website has grown in size (its growth in quality is a bit iffy). And I’ve enjoyed five more movie marathons since then!

Based on what I’ve learned, I did a top-to-bottom update of the book. I’m really happy with the result. In addition to general updates to the existing text, the print edition jumped from 68 pages to 106 pages! That’s nearly 50% more! Best of all: I’m proud to offer 50% more stuff for the same old price: $2.99 for Kindle edition and $4.99 for paperback.

If you like this website (or even if you don’t for that matter), click the button below and get a copy! If you buy the print edition, you can get the Kindle edition FREE via Amazon’s Kindle matchbook program. If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read the book for FREE. If you are morally opposed to Amazon as the destroyer of all things retail, you can still pick up the paperback for the same price on

If you like the book, write a short review for the book on Every review helps another person discover the joy of movie marathons. If you have any other feedback on the book, please write a comment below or contact me directly.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thank you for the chance to education and entertain!

Buy the Movie Marathon Book!

How to Host a 24-Hour Movie Marathon

Black Friday Movie Marathon Deal In Progress!

Best Buy is selling Bond 50 for $100 on Black Friday! How do I know? I got it! Behold the 24 disc box set in all of its glory!

Bond 50 Box Bond 50 - Volumes 1 and 2Bond 50 - Sample pagesThe 23 films are 48 hours long, and the box set comes with a bonus disc and 120 additional hours of content (video, interviews, commentaries, etc.). That’s 24 Blu-Ray discs at $4 a pop. Now that’s what I call a movie marathon in a box.

That Best Buy is selling for this price seems to be a hidden treasure. I don’t see it in the Best Buy Black Friday Ad Scan, it was not marked in the store as a special deal (it was tagged at a higher price), but yet at least one Black Friday deal watcher was able to detect it somehow. All I care is that it rang up correctly in the store.

If you are doing any Best Buy Black Friday shopping this year (2014) do yourself a favor and scoop up this gem. Best Buy is open at 8 AM Friday. Then all you have to do is find some time in the next couple days (or couple months) to get through them all! Awesome!

Hosting an Outdoor Movie Marathon

Private outdoor movie theater setup I recently learned that outdoor movie screens are an increasingly popular option for home movie viewing. You can start with a do-it-yourself project of a blackout cloth and some PVC pipe for about $100 (projector, speakers, other stuff not included). You can buy complete working system with 8-foot screen for $1,700 on Amazon, or you can rent a 40-foot screen for one night for $2,000, or you could do a whole lot in between.

Ok, my maleness finds it hard to deny the pull of a forty-foot movie screen in my backyard. Ha ha ha ha! Awesome! However, I’m not sure how well this would work for a 24-hour movie marathon. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. It sounds as if movies during the daylight are a no-go. So, for a 24-hour movie marathon, you would have to change locations / venues at least twice during the marathon (sundown / sunup)
  2. You are at the mercy of the weather. The day of your big event may be rainy, or windy, or otherwise uncomfortable. And for people in cold-weather climates (such as myself) we have a pretty narrow window non-snowy, non-cold and wet days to start with.
  3. You are at the mercy of the neighbors. I’m not sure every neighbor who could possibly hear even a whisper of The Big Lewbowski at 4:00 AM would be happy with this setup.
  4. The price, of course. Depending on what equipment you have, and what you rent or buy, this could send the price of your movie marathon anywhere from 2x-10x what you would normally spend.
  5. The rental company prices typically seem to apply to something like two to five hours a rental. Doubling the price for just half the marathon doesn’t sound too great.

Still, this would undoubtedly be the coolest thing ever if you could pull it off. I wish you good luck, and let me know how it goes!

For additional advice on setting up your own backyard theater:

  1. General set-up advice
  2. Backyard Theater Forums – for enthusiasts